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Sunday, October 19, 2014

15mm Modern Russians

Hi everyone! It has been a busy weekend! Shopping at IKEA in Sweden is like going to Disney in the summer, there were people everywhere.

I was able to finish up my 15mm Modern Russians that I got form Pico Armor back a month ago.  They are very good models! These were fun to paint up. I will finish up the BTR-80 that I have and then take some more pictures.

 These are the Green Men one and two that Pico Armor offers.  They are great figures. Here is a picture of the font of the figures.
Here are back side of these figures. I will get some rioters and then some police and some other figures to do some urban combat. We will see what type of scenario I come up with.

Have a good week!

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  1. Very cool looking bunch of Russians! You should get some modern looking Swedes in 15mm, then we can fight a "what-if" scenario based on a Russian landing in Stockholm -did you see those alleged U-boat pictures during the weekend??? They're coming! :0)