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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More Soviets for the CY6 game on Thursday night and another Me-262

 Well I hope everyone is well. The weather has turn cool and rainy here in Stockholm so it is great weather to paint up more aircraft.  I will be running a CY6 game at the club on Thursday night.  It will be a scenario from 1939 in nearby Finland.  I wanted to flush out the Soviet aircraft and I painted up three I-153's pictured above and below.

In addition to the three I-153's I painted up one more I-16. The scenario will pit the six I-16's and the three I-153's against a pair of Finish bombers and an escort of Fokker DXXI's.

 Here is a top down view of the soviet aircraft.
 The I-153's are painted up as part of the 8th Fighter Regiment,Black Sea Fleet Soviet Naval Aviation.
Why are they fighting in Finland? Why not! It is WAR and Stalin wants trained pilots for the possible upcoming War against Germany!
 More eye candy!
I also took the time to finish up the last of the two Me-262's I had bought a while back. Here is the last one with a more historic paint scheme.

 Here are the sheets that I have made for the game. I modify the CY6 charts that you can download from the internet and then I use images from Wings Palette to add to the charts. The charts are a hit with the members of the club.

I will post some pictures from the game sometime this weekend. It should be fun.

Until later.

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  1. Really nice indeed - just love those little "fat" Russian planes. What a cool way to present them with the B&W aerial photo under! Looking very much forward to Thursday's game.