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Friday, October 24, 2014


 Hi again! 

WOW what a wild week!! I had a job interview on Monday and I must have made a great impression since I now have a full time job that pays good money!!
Also this coming week I will be on vacation in Side, Turkey!  A little sun and fun before the cold, dark winter closes in on Stockholm.  It will be my first time to this part of the world so I hope to have a good time and enjoy swimming in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Here is a little map of Turkey! Side is highlighted in Red on the map. Hopefully the weather will be good so we can go see some of the historic sites in and around Side.


Here are some pictures of the Sea and the coast!!!

Here is a picture of the Amphitheater.
I will post some pictures from the trip! I will be bringing one of my solo play wargames from Victory Point Games.

Be safe and have a great week!!!

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