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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fight's On Cadillac of the Sky Flight Stands Review

Hi again!

This is my first product review ever.  I have made all my flight stands from sculpey and wood dowels with magnets for years. The problem I have always had is that I had to use dice for both altitude and speed. So I finally broke down and started looking for flight stands that allowed me to do what I wanted.  So after a long time of Internet I found Fights' On, a small company that makes great products for Air Combat games.  I placed my order for 6 packages of flight stands.  Each package contains 4 stands so that should give me a total of 24 stands.

 Here is the package with the label.
 Here is the back of the package with the normal chocking hazard warning and the Fight's On address and web address. Yes they are made in the USA!!! In good old Texas!
Here is a picture of three of the four finished stands with the red Me-262 at TAL 4 and the other Me-262 and Me-109G at TAL 6

So what comes in the package?
Here is a picture with all the items that comes in the pack.

The constitutions of all the parts is very good and the sectional magnets are great for adding and subtracting height in a game.  You just have to try our the polarity on your aircraft magnets to make sure they line up with the flight stands polarity. I ended up gluing the magnetic rings into the bases. This way I do not have to worry about them coming out during a game. I did have to change a bunch of magnets on my planes to match the polarity of the flight stand magnets, but this will be well worth the work.

Here is a view of the speed dial, as you can see the speed goes up to 8 so you can use these stands for both CY6 and CY6 Jet Age.  The dials are crisp and easy to read. The dials turn easy to the speed of your aircraft. The stability is good but I would be cautious of using a large bomber with all the sections. I plan to use the 2 inch 3 TAL section for all my TB-3's and FW-200's during games so there is no tip overs during the game.  I think this will be safe at that height.

So I plan to use the following method to determinate altitude with the CY6 6 TAL altitude bands that are used in the game.  I will use one 1/4 inch magnet to represent TAL1, then I will add one of the 3/4 inch magnets to bring it up to TAL 2, I will then add another 3/4 inch magnet to bring the aircraft up to TAL3 or one 2 inch magnet by itself. Then once I go to TAL 4 I will use the 2 inch magnet and one of the 3/4 inch and add anther 3/4 magnet to bring it up to TAL 5 and finally I will add the 1/4 inch magnet to bring it up to TAL 6.

Take a look at the following images to get a visual of what I plan to do for the games.  I will provide some feedback on the stands once I use them in a game with the other members of the club.

Here are some more pictures of the stands with some of my German aircraft.

I am very happy with my purchase and I think they will perform very well at my club with the aircraft we have.  We may have to do some more re gluing of plane magnets to match the polarity of the stands, but it will help in the long run.

These are very good stands and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to depict altitude this way. 
Please leave any questions or feed back you have.


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  1. These look great, the individual flight levels will certainly add to the overall visual effect of an aircraft flotilla on the table. Looking forward to trying these out!