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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Painting some miniatures for Pulp Alley

Well after getting packed for our flight tomorrow, I took some time to paint up these two 28mm figures for Pulp Alley.  I have a number of different 28's for Pulp games but I wanted to try something new. So here is my Black and White movie effect paint job. I have seen other people use this technique and I have wanted to try it out so I did.

   I am very happy with how they came out! I will have to use this technique on the other unpainted 28's I have for pulp games.

The figures are from Pulp Figures Miniatures.  I love the detail on these figures.

I will paint up some more figures and then post them here, once I play my next game of Pulp Alley I hope to have enough of the Black and White minitures ready to use in a game.

On the horizon I will be doing some 28mm F&I Miniatures as well as some of the good looking Hinterland Miniatures. I made this image below from the Hinterland website. These are a few of the miniatures that I ordered and they arrived yesterday. They are very well made miniatures with no cleaning up to do. I was able to take them from the small zip lock bags and glue them to the milk carton caps so they can be primed when I am back from Turkey.

Have a good week! Until next time!