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Friday, October 10, 2014

Winter War Air Battle.

Well i ran a CY6 game on Thursday night at our local club in Stockholm. It was the first time that I have ran a game with bombers and it was very fun. I designed the scenario to take place in December 1939 and the Soviets have moved a Division HQ and the Finish Air force is trying to destroy the HQ.

The Finish forces have two light bombers and four escort aircraft. 

The bomber crews were veteran pilots and the fighter force had one veteran pilot as well as two skilled and one green pilot. 

The Soviets started the game with six I-16 aircraft and the pilots were all green except for one skilled pilot. On turn five the Soviets started to roll a six sided dice to see if they would get three I-153 fighters as reinforcements.  On turn seven the Soviets rolled a six and there received the additional I-153 fighters.

The Finish fighters break off from the bombers and take on the advancing Soviets but due to poor communications they go off course and leave the bombers vulnerable to attack.

 The Soviet force splits up and two of the six I-16's break formation and head to intercept the Finish Fokker D-XXI's.  The other four I-16's attack the two bombers.

 The Soviets score first blood and the Green Blenheim I suffers a sturture hit but continues the mission to bomb the Soviet HQ's.  The return gunfire from the Blenheim I do not hit there targets and the Soviets continue to pursue the bombers.

The other Soviet Bombers intercept the Finish fighters.

 A fight erupts but no one scores a hit on each other. The Finish Fokker D-XXI's turn around to engage the larger group of Soviet fighters to try to draw them off from the Blenheim I's. 

For the rest of the game the four Fokker D-XXI's are able to fight the 6 I-16's to a stalemate. One I-16 is hit and has engine damage and one other I-16dives out of the combat when they run out of ammunition. one D-XXI also runs our of ammunition but stays on with the other D-XXI's to try to defend the bombers.

In the meantime, the bombers move to the target area unmolested. Near the target area the I-153's circle the HQ's location waiting to engage the bombers.


The bombers are attacked by the three I-153's. The bombers do not receive any damage from the I-153's and the return fire from the Blenheim I's scores an engine hit and the I-153's continue to press there attack as the bombers prepare for the bombing run.

The Blenheim 1's withe there veteran crews approach there target area and drop there bombs. Unfortunately they missed there target.  The attack has a negative affect on the Soviet HQ's staff who run for there lives and it take a lot of Vodka to bring them back to there duty location. 

At this point the game was called.  The Soviets and the Finish both fought a good battle and it was called a minor Soviet victory. 

This was the fist time using bombers for me in CY6 and all of us learned a lot about how the defensive fire and bomb runs work.  Overall it was a fun night of fighting and flying. 

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  1. Great pictures from a fun game indeed. Interesting scenario too, and beautiful planes and scenery. Looking forward to the coming string of campaign generated games!

    1. Thanks! It was a fun game I would like to get some "stick time" soon and we can do a small Spitfire vs Me-109 E's one day. I do not think I will make it to the painting day at the club on Sunday.
      Have a good weekend.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you very much! I went to your blog and I see you use AK-47 rules for 15mm moderns. How are the rules? I just got some 15mm Russians and I am wondering what set of rules to use. Thanks for visiting my site!!!