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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Me-262 for CY6!

Hello all!
Here is the latest addition to my collection of 1/300 scale aircraft for CY6. It is an Me-262 and I decided to use some creativity and give it a Red Barron paint job. This is not historical but I wanted something a little different for the Luftwaffe.

 I took some pictures of the 262 with a P-47 that I painted years ago. I plan to do some solo CY6 this coming week and I will be playing the Heinz Bar, Jet Ace scenario that comes with the game rules. I will post pictures of the battle and how it goes for the P-47's.

 For more information on the Me-262 and all the versions please see the following link!
Me-262 Information
 Enjoy have a good weekend gaming!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My first Pulp alley game!

 Hi all!!!
Well last night I had a great time playing my first game of Pulp Alley! It was a great time.  We had a total of seven people at the game. Jespers ran the game so we had a total of 5 teams, one team had two players.
I was the new guy and I did not do all that well in achieving the goals of the game but it was a great way to learn how these rules work.

 Here is a picture of my "League" as the team is called. The leader is Tin and the co-leader is Big Red.

 The major objective was to open a treasure that required one team to succeed on three separate challenges over three turns. It was not easy, even for the Indiana Jones looking guy in the middle of this picture.

 One of the other "Leagues" these guys were evil and I had a few run ins with then as the game went on.

 The defending team is set up to try and hold the treasure from being taken from the other teams.

 My League on the move!

 Things start heating up and the different teams start to encircle the defending team.

 As you can see at the bottom of this picture I lost two members of my team early on. We had a run in with the German team and they had a female Nurse that was really good with a Thompson SMG.

 The evil hooded team gets one of the minor objectives.

I start to get my team moving closer to the main objective. The pilot was bringing up the rear, Big Red has the sword. Leading the way is Tin, She looks like a Christmas shopper from the USA, including the gun...

 The invisible man is lagging behind my group as he was hit earlier from gunfire but was successful in his health check.
 Here is a shot of the defending team and the aggressive Norwegian team. It is not in this picture but there was a fight between the Norwegian teams dog and one of the defending teams members. The dog became the hero of the game and everyone was rooting for him.

 Here is the German team, with the Thompson SMG toting Nurse in the foreground. They have with them one of the minor objectives. The objective marker is a brain in a jar. The Germans did well in the game.
 Another view of the action. There were many individual combats taking place as everyone was fighting each other. There was a lot of good laughs and rooting for different characters in the game.

A game would not be complete without the dice, event cards, and tape measures.

I was finally able to get a good picture of the dog. This guy was doing a lot of damage to the defending team and anyone else who got in his way! He even had his own camera crew filming his adventure.

Here is a picture of my team at the end of the game. I was trying to capture one of the minor objects from the evil hooded team. The game ended as a tie as the major objective was not opened and each team, except my team had one of the minor objectives.

The game was very fun and as I get use to the rules I think the game will move faster and I can develop my team better than I did this time.

Until next time!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Possible project for CY6!!!!

I hope everyone is having a good day!

Well it is raining here today and I took a little break from my painting to make some cookies and prepare my next few items to be painted.

I will be painting up two Me-262's. I am going to use my artistic license with one and paint it in a Red Baron paint scheme. The other Me-262 will have the traditional paint job of the Luftwaffe at the end of the war.

While I was doing all this I received an email from a blog that I follow called 6mm Wargaming. The blog author posted an update in which he details how to make 1/300 burning markers for both ground vehicles as well as for aircraft. I will have to give this a try when I have some down time before my next CY6 game.
Here is a direct link to the article. Link
Have a good Sunday!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

CY6 Reinforcements

Hi again!

Well here are the Me-109 F-2's and one TB-3 Heavy Bomber that I have been working on.  They are Scotia 1:300 scale aircraft.  I bought these from 1-94 enterprise while I was still living in the USA.  I recently placed and order for the Russian TB-3 Heavy Bomber.  This is the first of 12 that will be painted up for the upcoming 1941 Eastern Front campaign.  I will add more pictures from my painting as the figures are done.

One change that has happened is that I have evolved and I will start using decals for the aircraft marking.  Painting stars and crosses on aircraft wings is getting hard for me.  You will see the TB-3 has decals applied to it.

Have a good evening!

 Here is a picture of all nine aircraft!
 A close up of the blue flight with the TB-3
 Again a close up of the ME-109 F-2's from the blue flight
A close up of the white flight.
 The TB-3 Heavy bomber. It is a big model of a big aircraft!
Here is a picture to give you an idea of the size of the TB-3 to an ME-109 F model. They are big and heavy.

Painting update

Well I hope everyone is having a good Saturday! I have been painting a little each day to get ready for the upcoming pulp game at the club.  Well I have been able to finish all the figures that I plan to use for the game. If you look at my previous post you will see that I have now finished the two half painted villains and completed a young woman with a handgun.  She is painted in the spirit of Christmas as you will see.

Enjoy the pictures of the finished pulp figures.
I will have pictures of some airplanes later today or tomorrow.

Here is the finished group of figures for the game.

 A view of two of the figures that I had started on over two years ago. The young lady in red was started this week and I am applying a new painting technique for her and future miniatures.
 The lady in Red reminds me of Christmas shopping and how dangerous it can be to shop in the U.S. around the holidays...lol!!!!
 The back side of the group!
A close of of the newly painted figures. The lady in Red is a cobblestone figure while the majority of the others are Pulp Figure miniatures. There is one figure, the guy in the blue hat that is from Foundry Miniatures line of Old West figures.

Happy gaming!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

28 mm Pulp Figures

Hi everyone!
I am getting ready to play a game of Pulp Alley next week and I went though my collection of painted and almost painted figures to find a force of 6 figures to use in the game next week.  I will post some pictures of the miniatures I think I will use. Once they are all painted up and the bases are done I will post how they finished product looks.  I will also post some pictures from the game next week.

Most of the miniatures are from the Pulp Figures ranges of Miniatures. Please check out the link for some of the great products. One of the finished figures, the guy with the lever action rifle in brown is a Foundry figure from there old west range.

 Here is a view of the front of the finished figures. Yes I will add some grass to the bases for the two figures without the grass.
Here is a view of the back and below is a side view. 

 This picture was taken a long time ago and I forgot to get him out for the photo shot today, He is a pilot.
 These two were painted white and then I used two different washes on these a number of years ago to see what washes can do. I will use these two and add some paint, but not much. I am thinking of painting some of the other miniatures I have in the Gray scale style. I will have to research how it is done but it would give a look of a silent film to my figures. We will see.
 I also have a young girl dressed for the 1920's with a pistol that I will paint up for the game, I think she will be the woman in red!!!

I also finished my 8 ME-109-F2's that I have been working on. I will get some pictures of them and some of the Russian aircraft I just go in the mail today.

More pictures soon!
Stay posted.

Monday, September 15, 2014

CY6 in Sweden.

My first game that I ran at the club was a CY6 game. I have a good little collection of 1/300 scale WWII aircraft.  I chose one of the scenarios that comes in the rules. The scenario takes place in 1939 over Khalkhin-Gol River Mongolia.  It pit the Japanese with there Ki-27's against the Russians in the I-16 fighter aircraft. 

To learn more on the Battles in Mongolia please visit this site  by clicking on the image.

We had 2 Japanese Ki-27's against 5 Russian I-16's.

The Russians start in a good formation and they were ready for attack.

The Japanese are few but they have good pilots.

The game went well and it was a good battle. Both sides learned to become familiar with the rules and the game play progressed well.

The first shots are fired head on and the Russians score an airframe hit (white pipe cleaner).

After the first pass the Russian brake up there formation and the fur ball continues.

The Japanese continue to fight in formation and are effective in shorting down some of the Russians before both sides start having ammunition issues.

The Japanese end up losing the battle because the are chased off the map because of ammunition depletion and airframe damage.  The Russians end the game controlling the sky's.

I am starting to paint up more German BF-109F's and I have some Russians on order to do a test of a set of Campaign rules.

Always remember to "Check your 6"!!!