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Sunday, June 28, 2015

1st German WW2 Late War Squad or Chain of Command

Good evening everyone,

Well like promised I was able to paint and base up my first squad of 10 soldiers that will be the 1st of 3 squads that will make up a platoon for Chain of Command.

1st Squad outside the farmhouse
The miniatures are all Skytrex 15mm WWII Germans.  These miniatures are in a covering fire position according to Skytrex.  The miniatures are very good and they paint up very well.

Enjoy the pictures I will have more WWII miniatures up soon.

Have a good week!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

More 15mm Chain of Comand Stuff

So I have been working on some 15mm miniatures and a building for Chain of Command.

German Command with a Panzerschreck team at the front of the house.

A view of the side and front of the house.

The back side of the farmhouse.

I bought a building from 4ground this past week and I just finished up building it today.  the building is very good and it came out OK.  The roof comes off and exposes the inside of the building.  The building is called 15mm Farmhouse.

Here are the units deployed inside the house.
The miniatures are newly painted Skytrex 15mm Germans for my late war campaign that I will run at the club in the future.  I like the miniatures and I have purchased more Germans and Soviet troops from them. Once I have them painted up you will get to see them here.

 I also needed some way to track shock that the troops will accumulate in the game as they come under fire. I again got some tracking devices from 4ground, they are called 4Ground Reaper Dial Turner.

 I purchased 10 of these. They go together pretty quick and will do a great job at tracking shock and or causalities.

Well hopefully by this time next week I will have a full squad of Late War Germans painted up. We will see.

Have a good week.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Great Northern War Test Game

Hi everyone!

No I am not dead or gone on my Swedish Vacation yet but I have been busy and life is getting in my way of my hobby again.  Well I have been working on some 20mm Early war tanks and trucks for my Poland 39 Chain of Command games that I will be running at the club.

Last Tuesday night I was invited to the club to play a test game of Black Powder to help develop campaign rules. One player was the Russians and the rest of us played as the Swedish forces. We were each in command of one Battalion of Infantry.  The commander of the Swedish forces did not have a unit except for the stand that represented him. He gave pre-game orders to each of us and if he wanted to change the order he would have to attach himself to the unit.

The concept is good, It will allow a few players to play a game and then have a way to connect the scenarios and develop there units.  As you take objective and fight enemy units you gain paints which can be spent on improving your unit.  We all got points and once Jesper and Soren work out the items we can purchase we will play again with the same units.

This is the first time I was able to use my Life Guards unit in a Great Norther War game.  It was a good time.

For more details on the game please check out Jesper's site at The Miniature Mayhem

Thank you and have a great week.
WWII images are coming soon!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Updated 15mm Tanks for Chain of Command

Hi again!

I have been busy updating my Tiger and the Panzer IV that I had painted before. I was not happy with the paint job and the numbers that I had added.

 Here is the Panzer IV with the improved colors, numbers, unit markings, and cross.

So I added a lighter coat of paint to bring out some more highlights and I also purchased some decals from the local wargaming store.  The decals took some time to add but they look much better than I can possibly paint.

Here is the Tiger with her new colors, numbers, unit markings, and cross

While I was at the game shop I picked up a new vehicle. This is the Jagdpanther. It is a Monster of a tank destroyer. I have seen one of these up close while I was at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland in the USA.

I have always loved this vehicle and a campaign that I am thinking of running at the club will feature it as a possible support vehicle.

The model is part plastic and part resin is from the Flames of War series of miniatures from Battlefront.  The model is very good and there is some very nice details on the tank. I enjoyed putting it together. It comes with a blown out building that it can hide in and use as a firing site. I am not done with that yet but once I am I will post a picture of that.

Here is are some good pictures with all three tanks side by side so you can see the size difference.

Well have a good night! Now I have infantry to paint!!!
Have a good week!