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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Viking Age Bear Hunt!

Hi everyone!
I just got done playing Palaeo Diet for the first time. First I would like to say sorry for the lack of tress and other terrain. I don't have any terrain here at the house yet. I am working on getting some basic stuff.

I used some of my 28mm Vikings to go hunting for a big brown Bear.

I enjoyed how the game works, I think I messed up some things but it still played very well and it was fun.

Here is the recap of the hunt!

For the beginning of each turn all Hunters, including the hounds have to roll an activation dice. You start the game with two white dice and one red dice, the hunters can chose the number of dice to roll each turn. When you become injured you exchange one of your white dice for a red dice. The activation roll must be more than 2 on white dice and 4 or more on the red. The hounds must roll all three dice each turn.  A failure in one of your dice caused the animal to react.

The first turn my hunters were within short range of eachother so I rolled one set of dice for both hunters.  As you can see I had one failure which required the Bear to react before I could take any actions with the hunters

This time the Bear did nothing, which is good.

Now the two hunters get to move and they took a long move towards the Bear.

Above is the view after the hunters had moved.

Now it was the hounds turn to do something and they failed twice so they moved towards the bear at the short distance stick and is moving quietly.

The hounds are able to move pretty far since they had three movements, so the dogs are out front at the end of this turn.

Again the hunters are close so only one set of dice is rolled and they get good dice. Both of them will be able to do two actions each.

The Bear gets to react to the nearest hunter with the axe. The Bear does nothing this time as well.

The hunter with the bow gets close and the Bear reacts by moving away from the hunter. The picture above also shows the location the dogs move to for the end of turn two.

The next activation the hunters are separated and I rolled each hunter separately. The hunter with the bow passed his activation roll.

The hunter with the bow fires an arrow at the Bear but misses.

The Bears reaction is to turn and attack the hunter with the bow.

And the result is as expected the Bear hits the Hunter with one of his big paws and inflicts a wound on the hunter.

The hunter with the bow uses his second activation to move away from the Bear. The hunter with the axe also gets two activation.

The axeman moved to attack the Bear, the response from he Bear is to attack the axeman.

The attacking Bear misses the axeman.

Now the axeman attacks and he also misses!!!

The Bear rolls to react to the attack from the axeman and he decides to move away from him.

Next up is the hounds

The hounds fail twice but have one good activation.

The hounds turn and attack the Bear.

The Hounds get to attack but miss.

The Bear's reaction to the attacking hounds is to move away.

The hounds continue to hunt the Bear and they move in to attack.

The hounds attack fails and the Bear rolls to move away from the attacking hounds!! This ends the action for turn three.

The axeman fails one of his activations but will have one action after the Bear responds to his failure.

The Bear does not take any action from the failed activation roll of the axeman.

The axeman moves to get close to the bear.

The Bear's response is to roar a blood curtailing roar, but it does not effect the hunters or hounds.

Now the Bowman can fire his bow at the Bear and scores the first hit on the Bear.

The Bear can take a total of three wounds before he dies.

The hounds activate now and they pass all three action dice.

The attack seeing the Bear has been wounded.

The attack from the dogs fails.

The Bears reaction is to rise up on its hind legs and let out a roar!!!

The hunters and the hounds are filled with fear and move  away from the wounded Bear. This ends turn 4.

At the beginning of turn five, the ax man fails one of his activation dice and the results of him failing is not good.

The wounded Bear turns and attacks the hunter with the ax, which works well for the hunter with the ax.

 The hunter with the ax fails to hit the Bear.
The Bears attack fails and he again roars which scares off the hunters.

Everyone steps away from the angry Bear. The hunter with the bow moves closer to the Bear but can not get within rage to shoot at the Bear.

Again the hounds activate with all three dice and they move in on the Bear.

 The hounds get close and launch an attack.

This time the hounds score a wound on the Bear!

The Bear is taking a lot of damage and one more wound will kill the beast.

The Bear attacks the hounds but it is unable to hit the hounds. This ends the turn and we move to activation.

The hunter with the ax passes one of his activation rolls but also fails one.

 The Bear attacks the hounds that are close to the Bear.

The attack fails as the Bear is wounded and the lose of blood is slowing him down.

The hunter with the ax sees the attack on his hounds and he goes berserk and runs head long into the Bear and starts to attack the Bear.
The hunter with the ax hits home and is able to strike the killing blow. The hounds and him are able to bring the beast to it's death!

There will be more food and some warm fur for the coming winter!

So that is how the game played out. I must say it is fun and there is a lot of suspense in the game because you don't know what the animals will do. The animals are controlled by your dice rolls and you consult a chart that has different situations and and the dice roll determines there actions.
I enjoyed the game and I look forward to the next game when I have some tress and other terrain to make the game look better.

I look forward to any questions or comments you have about the game.

Again thanks for stopping by and seeing what I am playing.

Have a good weekend!!