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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Bombing mission using "Thud Ridge" rules with my 3mm miniatures.

 Hi all,

I took some time to start learning the "Thud Ridge" rules by using some 3mm WW2 tanks for a ground target for two JA-37 Viggens. This is just a learning game but it helped me to think about how to run some games I want to run at the club once we are able to get back to face to face gaming.


The rules plays pretty good, I just need to play a few more times. I will add some extra ground support units in the next game. I plan to add some AAA guns and place the tanks in a defensive position with the AAA providing support.

Of the two Viggens only one hit its target. the other missed. So that is about a 50% hit rate. Hopefully that will improve over time. Pictured in the above picture is a movement template that I made using a 3mm thick MDF base I had. I made them two sided so it is easy to use depending which way you want to turn. 

So after dropping there bombs the two viggens flew back to there base to rearm and get some help from the rest of the squadron. More games in the coming week to add the AAA and also some enemy air power. 

Have a good week!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Thud Ridge Vietnam and What if Baltic War 1980.

 Hi everyone.


As you saw in my last blog post I have been working on some 3mm aircraft for the Vietnam War as well as a what if Baltic air war taking place in 1980. Some good old Cold War scenarios.



I have been working on painting but also looking for rules that might work well for both periods. Luckily for me a fellow Blogger "Jim's Wargames Workbench" is also working on a Vietnam era air combat project. He is using a set of rule called Thud Ridge which is part of the Wings at War series of air combat miniature wargaming rules. They are available from Tumbling dice.


I have finished up the 4 x JA-37 Viggens and I have added national decals on the aircraft.

I have also finished up 6 x Mig-17's and I have also added the national decals.

I have painted up 4 x F-100's and F-105's, I still need to cutout and add the decals to these aircraft as well.

I have also worked on making bases that should work well for all conditions. I was going to use some ground flocking similar to my infantry miniatures but there is also a lot of water out there so I think I will keep the bases just plane brown without any paint or flocking.

I still have more miniatures to paint and also more deals to add but things are progressing along at a good pace.

I hope you enjoy the images from the work I have done so far.

Take care.