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Saturday, April 20, 2019

WW2 3mm Tanks for Spearhead!

Hi everyone.

I am currently reading a new set of rules they are Spearhead. They will allow me to play large scale battles when I am in the mood for some big battles.

Some Soviet KV-1 tanks

These tanks painted up really good

I have painted up some tanks to get me started. The rules are made for 6mm miniatures to be based on a 1 1/4 inch base so I decided to put three tanks on the same size base but in 3mm scale. I hope they will look good on the battlefield.

Some light Soviet tanks.

T-26 light tanks

The best Soviet designed tank of WW2 the T-34

Hopefully they fight as good as the look

I have been pretty busy with work but I am still taking time to paint. I have more 3mm Napoleonic ready to paint up but first I will take a little vacation to Cyprus to get some sun and relax for a week.

Some Tigers and Pz III to play with


 Take care and have a good Easter.