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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Scanian War-Naval Battles

Hi everyone!

Well Soren (over at Black Powder) and I have been working on a Scanian War- Naval Battles project for over a year.

A painting of the Battle of Öland

Progress has been slow for me but Soren has produced some works of art, painting the great Langton Miniatures 1:1200 Anglo Dutch ships for the Swedish and Danish Navy.

We have come up with the list of all ships that participated in the four Naval Battles which took place between 1675-1679. The battle are:

The Battle of Mon
The Battle of Bornholm
The Battle of Koge Bay
The Battle of Öland

So far Soren has painted up three ships, two Swedish and one Danish.  I have painted up one Swedish ship and I am working on a Danish ship now.

The ships painted so far are:

     Kronan (Soren)
     Svärdet (Soren)
     Amarant (Mark)

The Kronan

     Christianus V (Soren)
     Churpindsen (Mark)

Christianus V

While we have been working on building our fleets and doing research on the battles we have been looking for a set of rules to us for the Scanian War.  At first we looked at Langton Miniatures fast play naval rules "Tiller & Whipstaff". I was not happy with these rules and after talking with Soren we started to look for another set of rules which would get the right level of detail we were looking for.

Finally this month I found a good set of rules that cover the period and more.  The rules are "Form Line of Battle" by A and A Game Engineering.  The rules have the right feel and allow us to adjust the level of detail that we want.

The rules

So now that we have a few ships and a set of rules we will have a game on Monday to try out the rules and see how they run.  I am hoping they will meet our needs and then we can play larger battles with the other members of the club.

I will take plenty of pictures and I will be posting an AAR of the battle that we will fight on Monday, it will be part of the historical engagement of the Battle of Mon. 

Ship data cards for the Kronan and Christianus V

Stay tuned for more updates and picture from the first try at Scanian War Naval Battles.

Have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Chain of Command: German Platoon Complete

Hi everyone.

Well I finally completed my 15mm German WWII platoon for Chain of Command. I had painted the commander and the panzerschreck team first and then I did one of the squads. Today I finished up the other two squads of infantry.

This is the base platoon and I will work on adding additional miniatures to be able to have options from a complete list in the rules.  This is a late war Platoon and it is organized as depicted below.

A graphic I used to create my platoon based on the organization for the core rules.
So here are the pictures of how the platoon looks.

The full Platoon

Another view of the Platoon
So here are close ups of the individual squads.

1st Squad, this is newly painted this week
2nd Squad, this is also one of the squads I painted this week
Here is the 3rd Squad, this is the first squad I had painted

So here is the base force. I have a number of tanks painted up already for support but I will start working on the other types of support that the Germans can have.

Have a good weekend!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Back from a little trip out West

Hi everyone!
1. A view at dinner.

Well I just got back yesterday from a few days or relaxation and visiting with friends on the West Coast of Sweden.  We went to the island of Orost and stayed at a nice Youth Hostel called Toffta Gard.  It was close to where my Samo's parents stay for the summer.  We went a few walks and just took it easy.

I have numbered each picture and annotated where the pictures are taken from  on the map below so you can see the area we covered in a few days.

A map of the pictures.

2. Having fun on the bus!

3. A view from where we went swimming.
I have to say I feel relaxed! It was great getting home and sleeping in our own bed again.

4. A view of the boats in Ellos.

5. A view of the area near our Youth Hostel.

6. The "Barn" part of the Youth Hostel. It is painted in the traditional red and white of most houses on the West Coast.

Well Tomorrow I will get back to painting miniatures. What I will paint will be posted soon.

7. My Samo's family former summer home. The last time I saw it was in 1991.

8. The little fishing village of Halleviksstrand on the coast.

9. A church in the distance near the fishing village of Halleviksstrand.

10. A little farm with some horses on the path to Halleviksstrand.

11. The fishing village of Halleviksstrand

Have a great weekend! I still have a week off!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Vacation Time

Well I will be doing some painting soon but first it is Summer Vacation.

I will be heading our for the West Coast of Sweden to relax and hopefully get some sun.  The 4th of July was a good day with good food and some games of Kubb out on the lawn. It was a warm day and after the long winter of darkens it was good to sit in the sun.

I continue to work off items from my honey  do list and I have the urge to do some painting again. I will work on the rest of the German Platoon for Chain of Command and then I think I will paint some more ships for the Scanian War Naval project that Soren and I had started a while back.

We will all see what gets painted over the next two weeks.

Have a good week!