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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Clash in the woods 1808-1809

 Last moth I was able to get in a solo game with the Russian and Swedish forces that I have painted up so far. Since I did not have the number of figures to do play a game of Sharps Practice I decided to try out another set of skirmish rules that I recently purchased.

The rules played very well it is a set of card driven rules and they worked out very well. The rules are One-hour Skirmish Wargames by John Lamshead.  I enjoyed the rules and I think it works perfect for the size of the battle I had played.

The scenario was pretty basic. The Swedish are holding a wooden hill with one unit of Infantry and one artillery gun. The Russians were to attack and take the hill and force the Swedish off the hill. They were coming across a pretty open field with some hedges that provided some cover. Since this battle is taking place in Sweden/Finland I added a Rune stone.

The Russians had one unit of Jagers to lead the attack, they also had a unit of Grenadiers and a unit of Hussars who did try to conduct a dashing attack on the Swedish position. Unfortunately it did not work out so well for the Russians.

The Swedes did very well holding off the attacks from the infantry, the Artillery was very instrumental in holding off the attacks from the Russians. After the Infantry attack stalled the Russians had enough activation points to bring on the Hussars.

The cavalry charge was broken up by the timely adjustment to the aim of the artillery gun and it was able to inflict enough damage for the Russian force to reach it's breaking point. The Russians had to retreat off the battlefield in defeat but they will be back for more. The Swedish side had won a delaying action as they would now displace to another location that would give them the advantage when the Russian hordes continued there push against the Swedish troops.

The overall deaths for each side were not that significant but it was enough to tip the victory to the Swedish. The Swedish lost on dead infantry man and the Russians lost 5 of the 6 Jagers they had deployed, the Grenadiers had lost 3 of the 8 men they had deployed and the Hussars lost only one cavalryman in the short but sharp battle.

I enjoyed the rules and the game played very well. I am working on more 28mm miniatures to add to both sides and after the summer break I hope to be able to put on a game at the club once we are back to meeeting in person. 

I hope you all have a great summmer.


Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Russians keep on coming....

 Hi all,

I have been surprisingly productive this past week and I have been able to finish another unit of Russian 28mm Perry miniatures. This time they are Jagars. We need a lot of Jagars for the 1808-1809 battles. I have two scenario books that cover both years and each battle has many units of Jagars.

Well I wont waste much space with words. Here are the pictures of the unit, now I will switch gears and start painting up some Swedish/Finish infantry.

Have a good week.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

28mm Russian Grenadiers for 1808-1809 Russo-Sweedish War

 Hi everyone!


Today is Swedish National Day. It is a new holiday here in Sweden so it is nothing like the 4th of July in the USA. But it is good to see it is a day to celebrate the creation of the Swedish Nation. 


I have been working on some more 28mm Perry miniatures, these are plastic and I am very happy how they came out. These 8 Grenadiers is all I need for Sharps Practice 2 and other skirmish type wargames. I am working on some Jagars and then I will switch over to some Swedish infantry and then some Swedish Cavalry. Hopefully I will start playing some small skirmish games with Song of Drums and Shakos to get the minis on the table soon. I now have enough 28mm Swedish and Russians to play a few of the in-rule scenarios.

I will be working on painting up a wagon with two horses to be used for a number of different uses. 

I hope you are all doing well and Hopefully I will be able to get back to wargaming at the club in the near future. I will be getting my second Covid vaccine shot on Tuesday. One step closer to getting back to some form of normalcy. 


Keep safe and have a good week.


Sunday, May 16, 2021

Bombing mission using "Thud Ridge" rules with my 3mm miniatures.

 Hi all,

I took some time to start learning the "Thud Ridge" rules by using some 3mm WW2 tanks for a ground target for two JA-37 Viggens. This is just a learning game but it helped me to think about how to run some games I want to run at the club once we are able to get back to face to face gaming.


The rules plays pretty good, I just need to play a few more times. I will add some extra ground support units in the next game. I plan to add some AAA guns and place the tanks in a defensive position with the AAA providing support.

Of the two Viggens only one hit its target. the other missed. So that is about a 50% hit rate. Hopefully that will improve over time. Pictured in the above picture is a movement template that I made using a 3mm thick MDF base I had. I made them two sided so it is easy to use depending which way you want to turn. 

So after dropping there bombs the two viggens flew back to there base to rearm and get some help from the rest of the squadron. More games in the coming week to add the AAA and also some enemy air power. 

Have a good week!