History is Fun

Sunday, February 7, 2021

And they are done!

 Hi again!


This weekend I was able to finish up the 28mm Perrry Russian Hussars that I started a while ago. I think they turned our realy well.  I have already started to get other minis ready to prim and paint up but first I will paint some ressen barrals that I recently got. They will be for a wagon that is in the mail so I can do a few escort type missions with the wagon. An empty wagon is boring so I will fill it with barrels of beer, wine, and snaps. 




Well I hope you have a good weekend. This will be a short post as I wanted to let you know that I am done with these beautiful miniatures. After the baraels I have more Russian infantry and some Swedish Infantry and cavlary to get done.



Take care and have a good week.


The local castle from todays walk in the snow.


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

On the workbench


Hi again,

So I just wanted to show you what is on the painting table. I actually have a semi dedicated painting area to paint and do hobby stuff. It makes it much easier to just sit down and do some painting.


So I have been starting to paint more 28mm miniatures since the Perry Brothers have expanded there selection of Swedish miniatures for the 1808-1809 Swedish Russian War. I have been incotact with the Perry Brothers to see if they will continue to make other Swedish miniatues for the rages since there are a lot of other units and uniforms worn during this periods. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will make more.


So what am I painting. Well it is 28mm Perry Russian Hussars. They are coming along very well, I think. They are to represent the Grodno Hussars. I have to get one more pack to get a total of 8 Hussars as per the Sharps Practace rules, but I have other rules that I can use these for straight away. I also have more Russinas from the Perry Brothers on the way, some Jagars and Infantry. I have all the Russians I think I will need for awhile. I just might need to add some artillery to the mix eventually.


Well keep safe and thank you for sticking around to see my minis.