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Sunday, September 24, 2017

First Battle of the Viking Age Campaign

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I was able to fight the first battle of the Viking Age Campaign. It was a solo game and it saw the Norwegian Vikings fighting the Scottish for control of Scotland.

The game was enjoyable and it was close up to a point. I have leaned more about the rules but I still have some questions about some of the finer points of hand to hand combat. I will try to read some more and try to get a better understanding of the rules.

The starting positions of both forces

The end of turn 1

End of turn 2

End of turn 3

End of turn 4

End of turn 5

End of turn 6

End of turn 7

End of turn 8

The End of the game, the Scottish leave the field of battle

Well a long story short the Vikings won the battle and now Scotland is a satellite state of the Norwegian Vikings. There is a possibility that they will revolt and that they will contribute some forces to future battles along side the Norwegian Vikings.

Here are some close up of the battle!

Below are the pictures I will try to explain what is happening in the captions of the image.

The Scottish dead

The Viking dead