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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Confederate Army is complete!!

Sorry for the long delay in posting my painting activities but life has been busy and with the good weather time is spent out in the sun while it is here!

So over the last two weeks I have completed the two General stands that I needed to complete the Confederate Order of Battle for the Battle of First Manassas based on the scenario book from Altar of Freedom.  I also managed to paint up another house for the game and this great little stone fence, which can be used for the Battle of Fredricksburg.  It is modular so I can line up the 4 straight parts and it will provide cover for four stands of Infantry. That is a whole division worth of solders!!

I also took the time to take a picture of the whole army with the names of each brigade annotated.

Well next is to finish the buildings and build more trees for the terrain.  I am shooting for a game some time in May.

I hope you like the miniatures.

Have a good week!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The end is near...

Hi again!

I hope you all had a good weekend. I was busy with family commitments but I had some time to work on the 6mm ACW Project.  I painted up the first of my Leven Miniatures 6mm ACW Buildings. I have enough to have all the buildings and a bridge for the Battle of 1st Bull Run. This is the "timber shack" building from there ACW line, I think it came out great.

I also painted up a confederate Brigade of Cavalry and two Head Quarters stands.  The tents are just thick card stock that I cut and folded to the desired shape.

You will also see the first of the 350 trees that I bought for the 6mm games that I enjoy.  I will work with some other basing materials to try to get the best results.

Well have a good week. back to work tomorrow.....

Friday, April 8, 2016

Gibraltar of the West, 1863 Viskburg Campaign book released

Happy Friday to all of you!!

Yesterday the guys over at Altar of Freedom released there first Campaign book.  It looks great!

I have looked through it briefly and they have already updated the random events cards since the release yesterday.

They have also provided an AAR of one of the campaigns they ran at there local club. 

Check out the link here to the web page where you can get all the information Gibraltar of the West

Oh I almost forgot, it is FREE!!!!


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Blood Eagle rules and another dice bag!

Hi everyone,

I got a new set of rules this week.

 They are Blood Eagle! Skirmish warfare in the legendary Dark Ages.

So what is different in these rules than other Viking era skirmish rules? Well for one thing there are magical powers that both Pagan and Christians can use.  Also there are Legendary creatures, like trolls and other mythical beasts.  The possibilities are quite interesting. So yes you will start seeing 28mm Vikings and such posted here in the near future.

I also took some time to make another dice bag for my larger mixed dice that I have had in a cardboard box for a long time.  Now I have a good bag for them and hopefully the bag will last a long time.

Well that is all for today.

Have a good week and I hope you have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

American Civil War Confederates in 6mm. The Infantry is done!!!

Hi again,

Well it has been a long week, yes it is only Wednesday.

Last night I finally finished up the last of the 6mm Confederate Infantry that I will need to start playing Altar of Freedom and the 1st battle of Bull Run. 

I added some skirmishers to the infantry ranks on these 4 Brigades of Infantry. I also created a stand of Infantry in column to add some flavor to the Army.  I have plans to do a Union stand with the infantry in Square formation, but that is later!

So please enjoy the pictures of the Rebel Infantry.  All I have to do is paint up a brigade of Cavalry, two General officer stands, and a few more Head Quarters stands.  Then it is on to the 6mm buildings!

Have a good night!