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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Some 3mm Tanks and APC's

Hi all,

Well I have been busy working on these 3mm tanks and APC's for a modern wargame between the Swedish Army and the Russian Army. 

Here is what I have painted up so far!

Here are the Swedish Tanks, Strv-122's arranged in a Company formation.

Here are the Swedish IFV's (I still need to paint up the infantry) CV-9040. Also in a Company formation.

Here is a Russian T-90 Company.

Here are the Russian APC's they are BTR-80's, I also need to paint and base the infantry for these vehicles. Next up after the Infantry is Helicopter and Ground Attack Aircraft.

More to come in the future.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

2mm Experiment!

Hi all!
I have been busy doing a little gaming and some painting. I will have some more posts up soon on the naval battle that Soren and I played at the club two weekends ago.  But first a little something different.

The green stuff covered 2mm thick base with the article below.

Another view of the base

I have never worked with 2mm miniatures before, but it has crossed my mind in the past. To try and get the effect of thousands of warriors or soldiers on the battle field. I recently got my digital copy of WSS # 93 and there was a great article titled DIY Epic Legions: 2mm Roman Triplex Acies Made Easy” by Mark Backhouse. I thought the idea was brilliant and It could work for many different time periods. Well I contacted WSS and I got an email from Mark Backhouse and we exchanged some emails and I was convinced that this could work for the Viking era. 

Painted, top

So here is my experimental unit. It is not historical to the Viking age as it is a huge massed phalanx. I have some sources that describe the Vikings as fighting in 5 rank deep formations that were in the hundreds in a file. So, I have some warbase bases on order and we will see how I can simulate a group of Vikings in a few of the known formations that are recorded and see if I can create a force of Vikings and Anglo Saxons to use for some games of Sword and Spear.

Here is the shield wall!

Shield wall with grass. I might need to use a thinner grass next time.

A side view.

Stay tuned for more on this lite project.

Have a good weekend!