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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Air battle near Nynäsnamn, Sweden May 1940 (What if)

Hi all,

Today I played a solo game of CY-6 (Check Your Six), the scenario was designed by me to represent a photo recon mission being conducted over Sweden. In reality it is a scenario that would kick off a full scale war, that never happened, between Sweden and Germany in 1940.

The scenario I designed states the Swedish can not fire unless fired upon. The Germans rolled once within range of the first J8 fighter and they rolled the required score to fire on the Swedish fighters. That is exactly what happened in this battle.

The Swedish J-8 approached the incoming He-111 and then split up to allow for a better attack. The first hit was scored by the He-111 side gunner who was able to score a air frame damage to the J8.  The other J8, piloted by a Winter War vet was able to close on the He-111 and was able to score two hits on the German He-111 both hits were in the engines.  The Bomber was not able to score any hits on the last J8.

The German crew was able to escape there crippled He-111 and were later captured by local members of the Swedish Home Guard.

The J8 that was injured had a poor landing but survived the battle, but his plane was severely damaged by the combat and the poor landing.  The J8 piloted by Pilot Captain Kaj Svensson landed without a problem and was able to paint a German cross on his aircraft's tail to celebrate the confirmed shoot down of the German bomber.

Of course this would start the beginning of a wider war that was just waiting for a spark to start the fire. The Germans were the first to shoot. I have a few ideas for follow on scenarios in different parts of Sweden.

I hope you enjoyed this what if battle.


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Still Alive

Hello everyone!

I must apologize for not updating my blog earlier but tragedy has struck very close to my heart. My wife, who is loved by me very much, has been diagnosed with Cancer. The treatment has started and it is a difficult thing for her and for me. I am focusing as much time as I can to being with my wife and spending time with her. She should be OK sometime in the summer but I am praying that all goes well for her and with the treatment, surgery and recovery.

I have done some minor painting:

Here is a 28mm Pz 38T I painted for a project that is on hold.

I also painted up some 3mm aircraft to add some coolness to my copy of Night fighter Ace (board game).

I plan to work on writing a set of air combat rules focused around 1940, I have to see if I can write something that can be used for the early part of the war.

Take care and I hope all of you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Sunday, August 25, 2019

Stridsvagn 104

Hi again.

I just got done painting up these Peter Pig 15mm miniatures. They are from there AK47 range and are listed as Israeli Centurion Shot IDF. They were modified Centurion tanks and the Swedish called them Stridsvagn 104.

Here is a link to the Tank Encyclopedia page on the tanks.

I will hopefully get a change to use them this week at the next game of Seven Days to the River Rhine.

Have a good week!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Get to the Chopper!!

Hi again,

Continuing on my Cold War kick I decided to paint up some of my 3mm Helicopters that I have had sitting around for a year or so.

I painted up two Mi-24 Hind and two Mi-8 Hip helicopters.

I think they came out pretty good. I also added the rooter blades. The miniature come with stickers that are a complete circle, i decided to cut out the clear parts to make them look like they are in motion.

Have a good weekend!

More Cold War gaming soon!


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

My first game of Seven Days to the River Rhine

Hi all, as the title of this posts says I played my first game of Seven Days to the River Rhine at the club recently. It was a fun game with East Germans vs West Germans in a meeting engagement scenario with about 500 points on each side.

I brought my tanks that I have painted up in 15mm and two of my T-72's made it to the table top.

The terrain, as you can see was not the best for tanks and APC's but it made for a challenging scenario. 

We had four objective on the board and they were consistently being contested by both sides. We had some Helicopter support in the form of a Mi-24 Hind and the West Germans had a B0-105. They did some good but they are not supper powerful since they can be fired at by the Infantry bases and dedicated AAA assets.

Overall I liked the way the game works and it is fun. The game ended in a draw as both sides controlled two objective markers and the points for destroyed forces was about equal. I will be playing in another game this evening at the club and I hope to have some more pictures of the action posted this week

Have a good week!