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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Big Guns of Star Blazers!

Hi everyone!
I was able to finish up these two battleships from the Star Blazers Universe.

First up is the Gamilon S-type Battleship.

Here is a size comparison to the Gamilon Destroyers that I finished last week. It is a big ship but not the biggest for the Gamilons.

Now for the first EDF ship. I present to you the Space Battleship Andromeda.

Again here is a size comparison between the Andromeda and the Gamilon destroyer.

And finaly here are both ships together.

Now I will work on some stats for these ships that will work with the Colonial Battlefleet rules that I have.

I still have more EDF ships to paint up but I want to get working on some ship specifications. Wish me luck!!!

Have a good weekend!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Star Blazers Miniatures

Well this week has been interesting!

With the death of my old laptop and many things going on here in Stockholm, I have finally been able to paint some miniatures.

All 8 ships painted up

Here you will find the first batch of Star Blazers Miniatures. I have been wanting to get some of these for sometime now and two weeks ago I placed an order and on Monday I received my miniatures from the USA.

In formation

I have painted up the Gamilon Destroyers and the Strike Cruisers.  The destroyers are tiny! You can see the size compared to a Swedish 10 crown coin.  The Cruisers are bigger and easier to paint up. I have a S-type Gamilon Battleship primed and ready to go.

Holy Cow these are small ships!

After my weekend trip to Riga I will get the Battleship finished and then I will start on the Earth Defense Forces (EDF) ships.

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing what I am working on.

Have a good weekend!!!