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Sunday, May 22, 2016

1808-1809 Swedish Infantry Uniform Prof of Concept

Hi all!

Well my daughter is off to Paris for the weekend, so after doing the honey do list I had some time to build the last of the 300 trees for the 6mm terrain that I need for the 6mm ACW game. Some of us from the club will be running a game using Altar of Freedom in early June.

I also got my order of Perry Miniatures 28mm Danish/Norwegian Infantry and I had some time to paint up the first figure as a prof of concept. I plan to use the miniatures to represent Swedish Infantry that were still using the 1802 Uniform durig the 1808-1809 War against Russia.  My reference book has some great information on which units were still wearing the 1802 uniform in 1809.

Based on the great book by W.J. Rawkins and my research at the Army Museum here in Stockholm I painted up my first miniature as an infantryman from the Jonkopings Regiment.

The cover of the book

 Here is an image of one of the 1802 Uniforms from the Swedish Army Museum here in Stockholm.

 Here is the miniature all painted up.  What do you think of the figure being used as Swedish Infantry? I think they will work well for the units that were still in the 1802 uniform in 1808-1809. Some units had changed to the new uniform that was released in 1807.

 Well I would like to ask for your feedback.

Thanks for checking out my blog and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sharp Practice and more trees!

This week I received my copy of Sharp Practice! I plan to use the rules to make use of my 15mm Napoleonic troops as well as my French and Indian War miniatures.

I also plan to paint up some Swedish 28mm miniatures for the 1809-1809 Russian Finish War.

I did some research while at the Army Museum here in Stockholm to check out some examples of the two types of uniforms that would have been in use during the war.  It looks like the 1802 and 1807 uniform was in use during the war.

The 1807 Uniform

The 1802 Style uniform

I have ordered some of the Perry Norwegian miniatures for the Swedes in the 1802 uniform. For troops in the 1807 uniforms I will use some plastic 28mm Austrians I have for the bodies and I have ordered British Marine heads to add to the Austrian bodies to make them look like the Swedes. We will see how they turn out.

From the Perry Website
I also made some more trees for the 6mm terrain that we need for Altar of Freedom. I have more trees so I will continue to work on more trees before making rivers.

Have a good day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte 1763-1844 Marshal Baton


The Baton on display

Close up!!

A sign explaining the items on display.

Yesterday I payed a visit to the Swedish Royal Palace in Stockholm and on display was Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte 1763-1844 Marshal Baton!

The Man!

I was very happy to see it on display.

Here are some pictures from the visit.

So cool! Not on sale in IKEA

I wonder who this uniform belonged too?? LOL!

My Daughter having fun in the palace!

The humble beginnings of the Royal Palace.

How the palace looked before it burned down.

Close up of the tower!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

On Vacation!!

Hi all!
I have not been posting much since I am on Vacation and my Youngest daughter is here from the USA on her first European vacation.

Good weather on day 1

You know what this is!

I will be posting pictures of some of the places we have gone over the 3 weeks of country hopping. We plan to see a lot of Stockholm and then fly to Copenhagen and then to Oslo. This way she gets to see the three Scandinavian countries on this trip to Europe.

So here are a few shots of where we have gone so far.

We took a bus tour of the city and then cruised Gamla Stan (old town).

Time for a candy break!

We also went to the medieval museum and it was great! I highly recommend it.

The old old town!

We also went to the "Big Church" in Gamla Stan.

The second day we started by checking out a ruin stone near my home in Vallingby and then we hit the Vasa and the Nordic museum. 

Cool old rocks!

We went to see the Vasa via boat!

More pictures and updates soon.

I will hopefully be able to do some miniature painting soon as well.

Take care!!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lost in the woods?

No! I am just very busy with work and preparing for the Summer here in Stockholm.  The weather has been very good these last few days and me and Cathrine will be heading West to the family Summer home to open it up for the season. We are hoping that the weather will stay as nice as it has been since I have been working.

Last week I finished up the last of my 6mm buildings and a bridge for the upcoming Altar of Freedom games at the club.

I have also been working on tress for 6mm games.  I am using foam board for the bases as they are easy to cut to the shapes I want and they are light weight.  Also I use a nail to punch holes randomly on the foam board and then glue the trees into the holes.  It works really well.

I have a few hundred more to base before I am done. I hope to get these done soon.

Have a good weekend!!!