History is Fun

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

WaT- What-if Invasion of Sweden 1940!

Hi all,

I was able to get a game together at the club with 3 other members.  We played a what-if invasion of Sweden scenario twice.  We all had a good time and the tanks were pretty well matched when it comes to firepower and armor.

The first game was a German victory! The Swedish side lost one Strv. m38 to an explosion after being hit by the main gun of the Pz. 38(t). The other Strv. M38 fought well but started to get worn down and the crew decided to bail out and live to fight another day!

 The second game saw a lot of maneuvering in the town and the Swedish again lost one Strv. M/38 to the Pz IV it was trying to kill.  Eventually, the PZ 38 (t) was rammed by the other M/38 and theGerman crew bailed out.  Finally, the PZ IV took enough damage that it's crew also decided to bail out and save themselves to fight another day.

It was a fun game and we look forward to more games in the near future.  Now back to painting!!!