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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Painting some miniatures for Pulp Alley

Well after getting packed for our flight tomorrow, I took some time to paint up these two 28mm figures for Pulp Alley.  I have a number of different 28's for Pulp games but I wanted to try something new. So here is my Black and White movie effect paint job. I have seen other people use this technique and I have wanted to try it out so I did.

   I am very happy with how they came out! I will have to use this technique on the other unpainted 28's I have for pulp games.

The figures are from Pulp Figures Miniatures.  I love the detail on these figures.

I will paint up some more figures and then post them here, once I play my next game of Pulp Alley I hope to have enough of the Black and White minitures ready to use in a game.

On the horizon I will be doing some 28mm F&I Miniatures as well as some of the good looking Hinterland Miniatures. I made this image below from the Hinterland website. These are a few of the miniatures that I ordered and they arrived yesterday. They are very well made miniatures with no cleaning up to do. I was able to take them from the small zip lock bags and glue them to the milk carton caps so they can be primed when I am back from Turkey.

Have a good week! Until next time!

Friday, October 24, 2014


 Hi again! 

WOW what a wild week!! I had a job interview on Monday and I must have made a great impression since I now have a full time job that pays good money!!
Also this coming week I will be on vacation in Side, Turkey!  A little sun and fun before the cold, dark winter closes in on Stockholm.  It will be my first time to this part of the world so I hope to have a good time and enjoy swimming in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Here is a little map of Turkey! Side is highlighted in Red on the map. Hopefully the weather will be good so we can go see some of the historic sites in and around Side.


Here are some pictures of the Sea and the coast!!!

Here is a picture of the Amphitheater.
I will post some pictures from the trip! I will be bringing one of my solo play wargames from Victory Point Games.

Be safe and have a great week!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

15mm Modern Russians

Hi everyone! It has been a busy weekend! Shopping at IKEA in Sweden is like going to Disney in the summer, there were people everywhere.

I was able to finish up my 15mm Modern Russians that I got form Pico Armor back a month ago.  They are very good models! These were fun to paint up. I will finish up the BTR-80 that I have and then take some more pictures.

 These are the Green Men one and two that Pico Armor offers.  They are great figures. Here is a picture of the font of the figures.
Here are back side of these figures. I will get some rioters and then some police and some other figures to do some urban combat. We will see what type of scenario I come up with.

Have a good week!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fight's On Cadillac of the Sky Flight Stands Review

Hi again!

This is my first product review ever.  I have made all my flight stands from sculpey and wood dowels with magnets for years. The problem I have always had is that I had to use dice for both altitude and speed. So I finally broke down and started looking for flight stands that allowed me to do what I wanted.  So after a long time of Internet I found Fights' On, a small company that makes great products for Air Combat games.  I placed my order for 6 packages of flight stands.  Each package contains 4 stands so that should give me a total of 24 stands.

 Here is the package with the label.
 Here is the back of the package with the normal chocking hazard warning and the Fight's On address and web address. Yes they are made in the USA!!! In good old Texas!
Here is a picture of three of the four finished stands with the red Me-262 at TAL 4 and the other Me-262 and Me-109G at TAL 6

So what comes in the package?
Here is a picture with all the items that comes in the pack.

The constitutions of all the parts is very good and the sectional magnets are great for adding and subtracting height in a game.  You just have to try our the polarity on your aircraft magnets to make sure they line up with the flight stands polarity. I ended up gluing the magnetic rings into the bases. This way I do not have to worry about them coming out during a game. I did have to change a bunch of magnets on my planes to match the polarity of the flight stand magnets, but this will be well worth the work.

Here is a view of the speed dial, as you can see the speed goes up to 8 so you can use these stands for both CY6 and CY6 Jet Age.  The dials are crisp and easy to read. The dials turn easy to the speed of your aircraft. The stability is good but I would be cautious of using a large bomber with all the sections. I plan to use the 2 inch 3 TAL section for all my TB-3's and FW-200's during games so there is no tip overs during the game.  I think this will be safe at that height.

So I plan to use the following method to determinate altitude with the CY6 6 TAL altitude bands that are used in the game.  I will use one 1/4 inch magnet to represent TAL1, then I will add one of the 3/4 inch magnets to bring it up to TAL 2, I will then add another 3/4 inch magnet to bring the aircraft up to TAL3 or one 2 inch magnet by itself. Then once I go to TAL 4 I will use the 2 inch magnet and one of the 3/4 inch and add anther 3/4 magnet to bring it up to TAL 5 and finally I will add the 1/4 inch magnet to bring it up to TAL 6.

Take a look at the following images to get a visual of what I plan to do for the games.  I will provide some feedback on the stands once I use them in a game with the other members of the club.

Here are some more pictures of the stands with some of my German aircraft.

I am very happy with my purchase and I think they will perform very well at my club with the aircraft we have.  We may have to do some more re gluing of plane magnets to match the polarity of the stands, but it will help in the long run.

These are very good stands and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to depict altitude this way. 
Please leave any questions or feed back you have.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Painting and shopping in Stockholm!

Well I hope everyone is enjoying the fall so far. The weather here in Sweden is cool and rainy but so far it has been enjoyable. The trees are all full of color with the trees changing colors.  I have been doing some painting and I wanted to share some pictures of what I have been working on.

On Sunday the club had a paint day, where members get together and paint.  I did not paint but i put together 11 TB-3's and cleaned up other 1/300 scale aircraft.

 On the way to the club I stooped and had a burger at one of the best burger place in Stockholm, E4 Burger. They have a number of type of burgers but I had the Barbecue burger. Here is a picture for you!!!!

So if you are wondering I just do not sit around eating burgers and playing games, the answer is NO. I also enjoy going into the historic part of Stockholm and take pictures and see the sights.

Being from the USA I have had to search for a hobby shop/miniature store to get supplies and miniatures. The local shop is called Alphaspel and they have a combination of boardgames and miniatures.  Most of the miniature purchases are done online but I got to Alphaspel to get supplies and a board game from time to time. Here is the link to the Alphaspel website and a picture for you. Game Shop

While I was at the club working on my aircraft a few members were playing a test game of Black Powder for an upcoming Battle of Lund game that will be run at a wargaming convention in Copenhagen later this month.  I took a few pictures of the action on the board.

We have some very talented painters in the club!!!!
I started working on my 15mm modern "green men" from Pico armor, I also build a 1/100 scale BTR-80 APC to use with the "green men".  Below is a picture of the first finished miniature from the Green men collection.

I hope everyone has a good week and I hope you have enjoyed this little update.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Winter War Air Battle.

Well i ran a CY6 game on Thursday night at our local club in Stockholm. It was the first time that I have ran a game with bombers and it was very fun. I designed the scenario to take place in December 1939 and the Soviets have moved a Division HQ and the Finish Air force is trying to destroy the HQ.

The Finish forces have two light bombers and four escort aircraft. 

The bomber crews were veteran pilots and the fighter force had one veteran pilot as well as two skilled and one green pilot. 

The Soviets started the game with six I-16 aircraft and the pilots were all green except for one skilled pilot. On turn five the Soviets started to roll a six sided dice to see if they would get three I-153 fighters as reinforcements.  On turn seven the Soviets rolled a six and there received the additional I-153 fighters.

The Finish fighters break off from the bombers and take on the advancing Soviets but due to poor communications they go off course and leave the bombers vulnerable to attack.

 The Soviet force splits up and two of the six I-16's break formation and head to intercept the Finish Fokker D-XXI's.  The other four I-16's attack the two bombers.

 The Soviets score first blood and the Green Blenheim I suffers a sturture hit but continues the mission to bomb the Soviet HQ's.  The return gunfire from the Blenheim I do not hit there targets and the Soviets continue to pursue the bombers.

The other Soviet Bombers intercept the Finish fighters.

 A fight erupts but no one scores a hit on each other. The Finish Fokker D-XXI's turn around to engage the larger group of Soviet fighters to try to draw them off from the Blenheim I's. 

For the rest of the game the four Fokker D-XXI's are able to fight the 6 I-16's to a stalemate. One I-16 is hit and has engine damage and one other I-16dives out of the combat when they run out of ammunition. one D-XXI also runs our of ammunition but stays on with the other D-XXI's to try to defend the bombers.

In the meantime, the bombers move to the target area unmolested. Near the target area the I-153's circle the HQ's location waiting to engage the bombers.


The bombers are attacked by the three I-153's. The bombers do not receive any damage from the I-153's and the return fire from the Blenheim I's scores an engine hit and the I-153's continue to press there attack as the bombers prepare for the bombing run.

The Blenheim 1's withe there veteran crews approach there target area and drop there bombs. Unfortunately they missed there target.  The attack has a negative affect on the Soviet HQ's staff who run for there lives and it take a lot of Vodka to bring them back to there duty location. 

At this point the game was called.  The Soviets and the Finish both fought a good battle and it was called a minor Soviet victory. 

This was the fist time using bombers for me in CY6 and all of us learned a lot about how the defensive fire and bomb runs work.  Overall it was a fun night of fighting and flying. 

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend!!!