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Sunday, July 2, 2017

6mm Late Franks for Viking age battles

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have not written for a while but things have been busy. I have succeeded in getting a job, it is for a 6 month initial period but we will see if it will last longer.

I have continued to make coins and I did a limited run of Sterling Silver coins and they have been popular. I have an opportunity to possibly sell the replica coins at the gift shop at Birka. That would be awesome!

Hand stamped Sterling Silver Hedeby Coins
I did some painting today, I started back on my 6mm Viking Armies. Today I painted a stand of Late Frankish Cavalry. I am hoping to get a full army done in a few months and then it will be time for some more games of Sword and Spear. 

Here are the pictures of the newly painted troops.