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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Painting and rebasing 15mm WW2 miniatures

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not posting more often but I have been pretty busy with a number of different projects and activities. 

Today I will show you a recent purchase from a member of my wargaming club. It was a great buy as I received two boxes of terrain as well as Italian and Finnish miniatures painted up as Swedish to add to my one squad of Swedish infantry I painted up. I also got some more Swedish vehicles and tanks. 

Here is the terrain:

Here are the Swedish items I recieved before rebasing:

Also included in the deal was a whole bunch of Soviet infantry and Tanks.  The only thing I am doing with all this is rebasing and giving them a quick brushing with some dull coat.

Here are the Soviets:

So here are the Swedish Infantry that I have painted and the ones that I purchased. In all I now have just under a Platoons worth of Infantry. I just need to paint up two LMG's and the Platoon leader base and I will be done with the Swedish.

I also got some 15mm miniatures and a cool ass E-75 tank from HEER 46.  The tank looks awesome. I will do a separate post once I start working on the tank.



Friday, October 5, 2018

A quick update!

Hi all,

Sorry for not posting more last month but it has been pretty busy. I continue to work on my Swedish WW2 project and I have painted the first troops for the What-if Invasion of Sweden in 1940 by the Germans. Check out the below pictures of the unfinished squad of Infantry and the HMG support team.

I also went to Southern Germany on a business trip and we were able to do some sightseeing in one of the old walled cities of Villingen in the Baden Region of Germany. Here are a few pictures of my trip as well.

Have a good one. I hope to have some more updates soon.