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Friday, June 17, 2022

28mm PBR for Vietnam War

 HI all,


Long time no blog. Sorry about that but I have been posting "mini blogs" over on Twitter. So what has been going on? Well quiet a bit actually so I will try to get caught up on the projects I have been working on over the next few weeks.

First up is this Boat!


It is an American PBR (Patrol Boat River) from the Vietnam war era. This is the fist time I have tried to build a kit like this. Most of the parts are a combination of cardboard and laser cut MDF. This kit comes from Sarissa Precision Limited in the UK and It was pretty easy to put together. I thought it would be a good option for transporting troops to the battlefield then using Helicopters. 

Unfortunately the kit does not come with the weapons needed to arm the PBR but I was able to find a company that makes the weapons I needed to be able to arm the PBR. I added a dual mounted .50 machine gun to the bow turret, I also added a stand alone .50 machine gun mounted on the aft of the boat and I also added an M-60 machine gun mounted in the mid section of the ship. The only weapon system I  wanted that I could not find was the .40 MM Grenade Launcher that was also mounted mid ship. 


After putting everything together and giving it a few coats of paint the boat was basically done. I did not do a great job on building it but I learned a lot from this and I have one more boat to build in the near future. When I build that one I will get a Navy Crew to man the boat as well.

I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the upcoming summer vacation here in Europe.


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