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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Finishing up the US Battleship Division Nine of the Atlantic Fleet from WWI

Hi everyone.

I am surprised I was able to paint with the news of yesterdays attack in Paris. I think it was the only thing that I could do to take my mind off the events of yesterday.

So I have finished up three more GHQ Ships for the WWI Period of Naval History.

The ships are:

USS Delaware
USS Florida

USS Wyoming

The three new ships

These new additions along with the USS New York, which I painted last year will make up the historic Battleship Division Nine of the US Atlantic Fleet.  This squadron was sent to assist the British in late 1917.  The four ships served with the Royal Navy as the Sixth Battle Squadron of the British Royal Navy.

The Complete Battleship Division ready for action

Top down view of the ships

I hope you can take some time and look on line to get more details on each of the ships if you are interested.

These ships should be making an appearance at gaming convention in the near future. Details are to follow.

Be safe and try to have a safe weekend!


  1. Beautiful models! Will we be seeing this beauties going up against Soren's fleet?

    1. Yes you will see thes up against Soren's German Fleet, who knows maybe a what if War Plan Red in the near future???

  2. As an adversary I'll be dreading the massive firepower combined with wall thick armor this fleet has. Great painting Mark, tell me when you want to test them on the gaming table :0)

    1. I am not sure how well these ships will do compared to the Arizonia, the New York is a good ship as we have seen but I am not sure how the other ships rate against the New York. I will get the game charts printed up soon and we will see what they have to say! As for a game it may have to be on a weekend. We should start working on the scenario for DFF Con 16 real soon.
      Thanks and talk to you soon!