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Sunday, February 14, 2016

The BSG Fleet Grows

Hi again!

This weekend I did more apartment improvements so my miniature panting had to take a back seat.  I was able to get more painting done on my BSG fleet.

I painted up one of the non-carrier type of spaceship that I have for the BSG fleet.  I still have to paint up the Battle Star Galactica but she will have to wait for this coming weekend.

Well I hope all of you like the ships and how my fleet is coming along.

I also got a new set of rules, Sword and Spear. I plan to use them to fight battles during the Dark Ages. I plan to paint up armies with 6mm Vikings fighting other Viking also the Anglo Saxons and Franks in mainland Europe Who knows maybe I will do some battles against the Rus as well.

Enjoy your week.

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