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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Vikings Campaign Update

Hi all!
Well last Wednesday I ran a game of Sword and Spear for three club members. The scenario was a pitched battle between the invading Danish Vikings and the defending troops from Wessex.

Here is the results of the first turn of the Campaign. The year 840.

The Norwegian Vikings invaded and defeated the Scottish troops so now Scotland is under Norwegian control. Also with the victory over the troops of Wessex the Danish Vikings claim title to the lands of Wessex.
 Here is an updated map with flags that I could find that are close to historically correct. so in the year 845 the Danish Vikings will attack West Frankia while West Frankia attacks East Frankia. This could be a very interesting turn for the Frankish Empire.  It means I have to get painting!!! more Franks!!!

Below are some pictures of the game. The game went well and after a few turns everyone was into the rules and I did not have to guide the play much. It was a good battle, very close run game for the Vikings, who were able to win but they almost lost the game.

The initial setup, Wessex on the left and the Vikings on the right

Hand to Hand combat!

Close up of the Vikings line of battle!

The Troops of Wessex put up a good fight!

The Armies start to move closer to battle.

More hand to hand combat!

The Wessex Cavalry catch the Viking archers in the flank.

Close up of the action

One of the Viking Huscarl units fights to the death!

End game. The Wessex troops reach there Army break point limit and call it a day!

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