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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Scanian War-Naval Battles

Hi everyone!

Well Soren (over at Black Powder) and I have been working on a Scanian War- Naval Battles project for over a year.

A painting of the Battle of Öland

Progress has been slow for me but Soren has produced some works of art, painting the great Langton Miniatures 1:1200 Anglo Dutch ships for the Swedish and Danish Navy.

We have come up with the list of all ships that participated in the four Naval Battles which took place between 1675-1679. The battle are:

The Battle of Mon
The Battle of Bornholm
The Battle of Koge Bay
The Battle of Öland

So far Soren has painted up three ships, two Swedish and one Danish.  I have painted up one Swedish ship and I am working on a Danish ship now.

The ships painted so far are:

     Kronan (Soren)
     Svärdet (Soren)
     Amarant (Mark)

The Kronan

     Christianus V (Soren)
     Churpindsen (Mark)

Christianus V

While we have been working on building our fleets and doing research on the battles we have been looking for a set of rules to us for the Scanian War.  At first we looked at Langton Miniatures fast play naval rules "Tiller & Whipstaff". I was not happy with these rules and after talking with Soren we started to look for another set of rules which would get the right level of detail we were looking for.

Finally this month I found a good set of rules that cover the period and more.  The rules are "Form Line of Battle" by A and A Game Engineering.  The rules have the right feel and allow us to adjust the level of detail that we want.

The rules

So now that we have a few ships and a set of rules we will have a game on Monday to try out the rules and see how they run.  I am hoping they will meet our needs and then we can play larger battles with the other members of the club.

I will take plenty of pictures and I will be posting an AAR of the battle that we will fight on Monday, it will be part of the historical engagement of the Battle of Mon. 

Ship data cards for the Kronan and Christianus V

Stay tuned for more updates and picture from the first try at Scanian War Naval Battles.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Ohh.... Interesting.

    I was just opening a box of "hid away" Swedish Napoleonic ships in my hobby drawer and thinking it might soon be time to paint them up. I will follow this with interest.

  2. By the way I have former Skytrex ships now owned and produced by Red Eagle Miniatures
    They are a bit late for your project I guess but they are rather cheep, could be an idea to atleast check them out.

    1. Hi Engel, Thank you for the link! I will check out the ships, thanks for stopping by and checking things out.

  3. This looks interesting. Naval warfare is fun :-)

    1. I agree Naval Warfare is fun! Game on Monday at the "Bunker"

  4. Wow, you've done an excellent job of those ships ... really well done sir!!

    1. I can not take credit for the ships they are Sorens ships! He is a much better painter than I am. I just posted pictures of my two ships. Thanks for checking out the blog Jay.

    2. Whoops! :-) Just saw your two new ships. Well done :-)

    3. HI Jay, No problem. Soren is a very good painter. I think I might try to add the ratlines I have for the ships but they are tricky little metal pieces. I have to see if they will add to the look of the ship or not. Thanks for stopping by.