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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Back from a little trip out West

Hi everyone!
1. A view at dinner.

Well I just got back yesterday from a few days or relaxation and visiting with friends on the West Coast of Sweden.  We went to the island of Orost and stayed at a nice Youth Hostel called Toffta Gard.  It was close to where my Samo's parents stay for the summer.  We went a few walks and just took it easy.

I have numbered each picture and annotated where the pictures are taken from  on the map below so you can see the area we covered in a few days.

A map of the pictures.

2. Having fun on the bus!

3. A view from where we went swimming.
I have to say I feel relaxed! It was great getting home and sleeping in our own bed again.

4. A view of the boats in Ellos.

5. A view of the area near our Youth Hostel.

6. The "Barn" part of the Youth Hostel. It is painted in the traditional red and white of most houses on the West Coast.

Well Tomorrow I will get back to painting miniatures. What I will paint will be posted soon.

7. My Samo's family former summer home. The last time I saw it was in 1991.

8. The little fishing village of Halleviksstrand on the coast.

9. A church in the distance near the fishing village of Halleviksstrand.

10. A little farm with some horses on the path to Halleviksstrand.

11. The fishing village of Halleviksstrand

Have a great weekend! I still have a week off!!!

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